Active functional release

Active functional release massage by a professional at innersight

What is Active Functional Release?

Active functional release is a broad term, used to describe when the soft tissues together with the associated joints are taken through their range of movement, whilst various massage techniques are applied.

The human body is a dynamic mobile living machine with multiple moving parts. The muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia of the body have to accommodate many different lengths with a strong and unimpeded elasticity to absorb all forces comfortably, without them becoming excessively strained and hence inflamed.

When the body is massaged in the normal prone and supine positions, the soft tissue lengths acquired during treatment are limited by that position and even though there are improvements, this cannot be compared to the results attained, by moving the patient through range of movement that explores the end stage lengths of the soft tissues.

Active functional release massage is used in combination with a remedial massage treatment when and where needed.

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