Why Inner Sight at International club, Sanepa is a complete activity package

Building of International Club Sanepa

Inner Sight Nepal, nestled within the vibrant International Club, Surendra Bhawan, Sanepa is surrounded by other businesses where you can have an amazing time. Along with getting great massage therapy from us at Inner Sight, you can get a bite to eat at Fire and Ice Pizzeria, go for a swim at the swimming pool, drink coffee at Himalayan Java, or purchase items.

Here is the list of businesses you can visit inside The International Club, Sanepa:

1.Himalayan Java, Sanepa

Himalayan Java International Club, Sanepa with Inner Sight Nepal
Himalayan Java located at The International Club, Sanepa is known for its coffee items.

Indulge in the delightful offerings of Himalayan Java in International Club Sanepa, where flavorful coffee, delicious pastries, and a satisfying food menu await. The cafe’s charming atmosphere, enhanced by beautiful garden views and unique colonial architecture, provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful retreat. Plentiful parking and a commitment to cleanliness ensure a comfortable visit, while frequent events add excitement to the experience. Whether you seek a high-quality coffee break or a relaxing escape, Himalayan Java is a must-visit destination, seamlessly blending tranquility with history and vibrant activities.

2. Inner Sight Nepal

Inner Sight Nepal
Inner Sight Nepal located at International Club, Sanepa in known for its Best Massage Therapy

Experience a unique and effective approach to pain management and well-being with Inner Sight Nepal. Pain and tension are expertly addressed by highly trained, blind therapists, ensuring a tailored experience for each individual. Treatments cater to various musculoskeletal issues, offering relief from stress, tension, and injuries such as lower back problems, shoulder bursitis, and neck strains. Focusing on delivering long-lasting results and a path to a pain-free life, Inner Sight Nepal combines skilled therapists with personalized care, promising a rejuvenating experience.

3. Fire and Ice Pizzeria, Sanepa

Fire and Ice Pizzeria International Club, Sanepa Near Inner Sight Nepal
Fire and Ice Pizzeria located at The International Club, Sanepa is famous for its Pizza.

Savor the excellence of Fire and Ice Pizzeria, a renowned family-run restaurant chain established in Kathmandu in 1995. A newly established branch in International Club Sanepa with a global presence in Nepal and India, Fire and Ice has earned a reputation as one of the world’s best pizzerias, driven by a dedication to quality and a passion for authentic Italian cuisine. From sourcing the finest Italian ingredients to using specially designed ovens for baking, every detail is meticulously crafted to evoke the true essence of Italy, ensuring a culinary experience like no other.

4. Mira Boulangerie Patisserie, Sanepa

Mira-Boulangerie-Patisserie-Sanepa International Club near Inner Sight Nepal
Mira-Boulangerie-Patisserie-Sanepa located at The International Club, Sanepa is famous for its bakery items.

Elevate your confectionary experience with Mira Boulangerie Patisserie in International Club Sanepa, a beloved community hub born from a love of baking and a commitment to quality. Using the finest organic ingredients free from artificial additives, Mira Boulangerie Patisserie crafts exquisite delights that embody the true essence of natural goodness. From their dedication to quality to their passion for exquisite flavors, every aspect of their creations reflects a commitment to excellence, promising a sensory journey beyond compare.

5. Ne Nepal, Sanepa

Ne Nepal International Club, Sanepa near Inner Sight Nepal
Ne Nepal located at The International Club, Sanepa is famous for its handmade artifacts.

Discover ethical and aesthetic craftsmanship with Ne Nepal, a company dedicated to preserving local crafts and sparking meaningful conversations about Nepal’s cultural heritage. Handcrafted everyday products, inspired by local culture and crafted by skilled artisans, embody Ne Nepal’s commitment to social values and environmental sustainability. Their timeless, functional designs seamlessly integrate into modern lifestyles, offering both beauty and practicality while supporting local communities and minimizing environmental impact.

6. Swimming pool at International Club, Sanepa

Swimming Pool International Club, Sanepa near Inner Sight Nepal
The Swimming Pool located at the International Club, Sanepa can be used in summer for relaxation.

Experience ultimate relaxation at the swimming pool of International Club Sanepa, where crystal-clear waters and pristine surroundings provide an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. The tranquil ambiance invites you to unwind and rejuvenate, while the nearby Inner Sight Nepal massage center offers a holistic experience for the mind, body, and soul, ensuring every visit is a journey of holistic wellness.

7. Tap Out Gym, Sanepa

Tap Out Gym International Club, Sanepa Near Inner Sight Nepal
T ap Out Gym located at in International Club, Sanepa can be used to get fit and healthy.

Unleash your potential at Tap Out Gym, an invigorating space where members can push their limits and achieve their fitness goals. Under construction and opening soon, Tap Out Gym offers a dynamic atmosphere pulsating with energy, motivating you to sweat it out and unlock your full potential. After an intense workout, members can unwind and rejuvenate at Inner Sight Nepal’s massage center, conveniently located within the club, promising a well-rounded wellness experience.

8. Pilates Studio, Sanepa

Pilates Studio International Club, Sanepa near Inner Sight Nepal
Get your body fit and balanced at Pilates Studio at International Club, Sanepa.

Embark on a journey of holistic wellness at the Pilates Studio, where expert instructors guide you through sessions designed to strengthen, tone, and rejuvenate your body. With a focus on alignment, flexibility, and mindful movement, each class promises to leave you feeling balanced and flexible. After your session, visit Inner Sight Nepal for a perfect and satisfying massage to melt away stress and tension, completing your journey to holistic well-being.

9. Hokkaido House, Sanepa

Hokkaido house International Club, Sanepa near Inner Sight Nepal
Get your cravings for Japanese cuisine fulfilled at Hokkaido House in International Club, Sanepa.

Discover the artistry of Japanese cuisine at Hokkaido House, where centuries-old culinary traditions are blended with modern techniques for an unforgettable dining experience. Skilled chefs infuse each dish with nuanced flavors and unexpected twists, taking diners on a culinary journey through Japan. After satisfying your cravings, indulge in a smooth and relaxing massage session at Inner Sight Nepal, ensuring a truly gratifying experience from start to finish.

10. Toy Station, Sanepa

Toy Station International Club, Sanepa near Inner Sight Nepal
Toys for children at Toy station in International Club, Sanepa.

Immerse yourself in a world of wonder and excitement at Toy Station, Nepal’s premier destination for all things toy-related. With the opening of a branch in International Club Sanepa, kids can have a quality and fun time along with adults. From iconic building blocks to imaginative playsets, Toy Station boasts an extensive collection that promises something for everyone, making it the top choice for toy enthusiasts across the nation.


In Conclusion, International Club Sanepa offers a variety of experiences in the form of Inner sight, Himalayan Java, Ne Nepal, Swimming Pool, Pilates Studios, Tap Out Gym, Mira Boulangerie Patisserie, Hokkaido House, and Toy station each tailored to fulfill the needs and desires of individuals coming to International Club Sanepa. International Club Sanepa aims to provide a memorable experience to every visitor. So visit International Club Sanepa to experience some passive relaxation and allow yourself to be swept away by the array of offerings provided at every turn.