Remedial Massage vs Spa Massage: Comparing Therapeutic and Relaxation Benefits

A therapist of Inner sight performing remedial massage

We get asked all the time….”What is the difference between your Remedial massage and other places?

Remedial Massage VS Relaxation Massage

Training and Qualifications

In general, it is the level of training that goes into it. Our Remedial massage therapists undergo years of training before they can start with their first client.

At Inner Sight the training is provided by Andrew Salvietti, an Australian Remedial Massage Therapist with 22 years of experience.

Technique and Approach

The biggest issue these days is that spas in Nepal say they offer Remedial or Deep Tissue Massage however what you get is just a stronger pressured version of a relaxation massage.  The difference with what we do is that our Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage is specific and focused. The pressure is adjusted to what’s needed to rectify an issue and also the pain tolerance of the patient. No two treatments are the same.  Each session is tailored to what is presented on the day and what the therapist feels is going to provide the optimal relief and benefit. We also have a large range of techniques to choose from to address numerous problems.

Effectiveness for Injuries

The other issue is when you have an injury. More often than not the spa practitioners aren’t trained to deal with your issue, but they will treat it nonetheless. For example, if you have a potential disc injury in your lower back, and you think that a bit of massage might help loosen it up, then the massage therapist puts a lot of pressure onto your spine and may stretch you in lots of extreme positions, then you may not be walking out of there.

Another unsavory issue can be the expectation of “happy endings”. When you go in for a massage at some places you can sometimes get more than you bargained for. Some of these places are fronts for brothels or sexual massage services.

The Bottom Line: Should You Take the Risk

The short answer is if you want to take the risk then it is up to you. But if you want a great massage, from a qualified practitioner who can understand your needs and treat your injuries with knowledge and care then you need to go for a Remedial Massage at Inner Sight.